Camera Lift-Strap

Feel cameras being weightless! An innovative Camera Strap that totally frees up your neck with a stylish look!

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We all want to capture special moments while traveling, but carrying heavy cameras can be exhausting. Isn’t there any easier way? Of course there is! By redesigning the camera strap, we invented a whole new way to carry your camera. Introducing the Camera Lift-Strap!

The Camera Lift Strap reduces the load of your camera by shifting the weight from your neck to backpack. For the first time, enjoy traveling with your camera all day long, stress-free!

After investing in photography equipment, you surely don’t want to miss capturing a special moment without your best tools. Furthermore, you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort. Traditional camera straps can cause uncomfortable pressure to build up on our necks, leading to strain and damage to our bodies. Our camera strap design clasps right onto to your backpack handle and keeps the weight of your camera distributed along the shoulders, one of the strongest parts of the human body. It has the capacity to carry the heaviest of camera equipment with ultimate comfort, so you can experience the weightlessness of your camera like never before!

Typical travel with a camera means carrying it on our side, holding it in our hands, or using a wrist-band in order to reduce the stress on the neck. These methods present huge inconveniences because in order to take a shot, we need to readjust the camera strap to go around our necks.

With Camera-Lift, you can carry your camera with ease, without having to change the way you use it. Just hang it in front of your chest, and easily grab your camera to take the shot immediately. You won't miss a moment!

Each strap is carefully made and finished with the utmost attention to detail. The Canvas Camera Strap is stitched using weather treated nylon to create a textured fabric made for incredible durability and strength.

The Leather Camera Strap is made from high quality and handcrafted, top grain leather to complement your camera perfectly. Each strap features metal components made of solid brass treated with oxide finishes. The high quality woven material helps enforce the construction. Our high-strength and anti-slip materials provide comfort and sleekness for any occasion.

We designed the strap with several layers, using high quality nylon with a tight knit structure, it will withstand the weight of heavy DSLR cameras and bulky lenses. Furthermore, we use metal rivets to reinforce the strength of the structure.

You will receive two kinds of attachments with each strap, for a customized fit. The strap will even work on antique cameras with our special custom-made steel ring. It is nearly two times thicker than most camera attachment rings you’ll find on the market. The ring will make the strap so durable that being loose is beyond your worry. With our special ordered ring+string set, you can use the Camera-Lift Strap for any size camera!

We believe that traveling is a great way to enrich your life which is why our goal is to help you carry your camera with ease. Camera Lift-Strap is the essential photo gear that allows you to travel long hours and capture every beautiful moment along the way.

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